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How TikTok is Influencing Small Businesses

With social media growing and platforms like TikTok expanding, businesses are being influenced by these platforms. What does this mean for you as a business owner?
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TikTok, the popular video-sharing app launched by Chinese company ByteDance, has been around for just over a year. 

But it has already amassed over 1 billion users who watch short-form videos and share their content. 

TikTok was initially designed for teens but now attracts all ages and demographics—including small businesses. 

The platform allows brands to connect with their audience in ways that aren’t always possible on other social media platforms.

Why Small Businesses Should Pay Attention to TikTok

Online video is becoming the primary way to communicate, and TikTok is helping to move this along. 

It is an excellent way for small businesses to reach new audiences and get their brand in front of new customers. 

The rise of TikTok is part of the increased importance of video content for all kinds of businesses.

The platform allows users to produce short videos, up to 15 seconds long. Videos can be simple or elaborate and feature music and other effects that give them a professional look. 

You’ll find everything from lip-synced parodies to product reviews on TikTok—it’s pretty much like YouTube but even more focused on fun and entertainment than it is on reaching people with your message (though you certainly can do both).


The rise of TikTok

TikTok is a video-sharing app that has become popular with teens and young adults. The platform offers access to a social network, where users can create and share videos of themselves lip-syncing or dancing to music. 

TikTok was created in China by ByteDance, which also owns the widespread news aggregation app Jinri Toutiao. 

In 2019, ByteDance acquired for $1 billion, creating TikTok’s parent company.

Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has grown exponentially; as of 2019, it has over 1 billion users worldwide (almost double that of Snapchat), including an estimated 70 million Americans. This makes it one of the fastest-growing social media platforms since Facebook first launched in 2004.

TikTok’s younger user base makes it unique compared to YouTube: while YouTube skews older, with about half its users between 18 and 49 years old according to Nielsen data from 2018, TikTok users are typically between 12 and 24 years old—and many are even younger than that.

Is TikTok “misunderstood”?

TikTok is a social media app that has been around for two years but has recently become the most downloaded app in the United States.

It allows you to create short videos with music and add filters or stickers all in one spot.

The idea was for it to be a mix of Snapchat and Instagram, but customers say it’s nothing like those two apps. 

TikTok has been called “misunderstood” by many in the small business community trying to figure out how to make money from it.

TikTok has inspired a lot of businesses to try something new – because it’s so different than what they’re used to.

People are taking their businesses into TikTok and sharing success stories about how they started using the app. 

For example, L’Etoile Coffee & Pastry Bakery in Los Angeles uses TikTok to engage with their customers – like when one of their “Cake Hacks” went viral on Instagram and drove people from Instagram over to TikTok. 

They also use TikTok’s polling feature to get feedback from their customers about what kind of cakes they should make next.

Do most businesses think it’s a site for teens?

Likely, most small businesses don’t think TikTok is a site for them. And it’s easy to see why. 

TikTok, a short-video sharing app, is not just a social media platform for kids and teens to share their lives and thoughts with others. It has 10 million users with an average age of 22, and it’s estimated that only 33 percent are aged 13 to 17.

It’s easy to dismiss TikTok as another social media platform where teens post about their boring lives, but the truth is far from it. 

If you are a business owner trying to build a brand on social media, you already know the importance of creating engaging content that will attract viewers. 

If you’re doing your job right, then your engagement rate should be good enough that people will want to watch your videos and stay connected with you on different social media platforms.

If you’re looking at using TikTok for business purposes, then here are some things you need to know about this platform:

TikTok is fast-paced and fun – This platform is all about quick video making without being too serious about it. 

How TikTok is influencing small businesses

TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to post short videos and pictures of themselves or anything they want. 

The platform has over 300 million active users each month, which is still increasing. 

The app appeals to people of all ages and demographics, so it’s no surprise that many small businesses are using TikTok as a marketing tool for their business.

TikTok is great for many reasons, but if you’re thinking about using it for your marketing strategy, here are some tips:

Do businesses try too hard to go viral on the site?

While you can use TikTok to go viral, it’s not a platform that’s built for brands to do so. The videos are short and sweet—and they need to be if they’re going to get any views!

TikTok is more about being authentic than it is about going viral. It’s where brands can share their content without planning or trying too hard (which is something we love). 

Their video strategy isn’t just “make one video and hope people like it.” Instead, they’re honest with their followers and don’t hide behind marketing speak when they post on the app. 

They share what they want, how they want—and most importantly, why they want it.

How to get started on TikTok

You can get started on TikTok by creating a username, a profile photo, a cover photo, and a bio, connecting your social media accounts to TikTok (like Instagram), and adding links to your website or other places where people can find you.

● Username: Your username is what other users will see when they follow you. Choose something easy for customers to remember so they can easily find you again later!

● Profile Photo: This is the image next to your username on your posts. By default, it will be an image from Facebook or Instagram, but if you don’t have an account there already, we recommend uploading one from Google Photos — it’ll make sure everyone knows what business page the post belongs to.

How does adding TikTok to their social channels for marketing help a small business?

TikTok is a social network for teens and young adults. It’s one of the fastest-growing apps worldwide, with over 1 billion users and more than 40 million videos uploaded daily.

Using TikTok to market your business can help you reach a younger audience who might not be on other platforms like Facebook or Instagram. 

If you want to connect with your customers, TikTok is worth considering.

Do you need to craft a different type of message on TikTok than on other social networks?

There are a lot of things to think about when marketing on TikTok. You want your content to be fun, entertaining, creative, and authentic. 

If you want people to interact with your brand meaningfully—and not just drive them away—you should also consider being open-minded about how they might do so.

TikTok is where people share themselves with their friends, and it’s where they connect with others who share similar interests and have fun together through music videos or dance challenges. 

When it comes time for brands to join in the conversation on this platform, we recommend creating content that inspires users to celebrate themselves at the moment by doing what they love (i.e., dancing).

What are the first steps to creating an effective social strategy on TikTok?

● Have a profile.

● Get a business account (if you don’t have one).

● Create a strategy around your brand, then execute it by creating content that resonates with the community. This can be anything from videos, challenges, polls, and more.

● Post regularly to engage your audience— but don’t overpost content all at once and overwhelm them. They’ll get annoyed and stop following you on TikTok if they feel like they’re being spammed every day with boring updates about what you ate for breakfast or how many times per week you shower. Instead, try to post consistently so your followers know when to expect new content without feeling overwhelmed by it all at once!

A business can grow by using the platform in creative and genuine ways.

The first thing to remember about TikTok is that it’s not a platform for everyone. You have to be authentic and genuine. You need to reach the right people with your content. If your brand doesn’t fit the audience, they won’t engage. So listening to what people comment on your posts, then responding genuinely shows that you care about them as individuals rather than just customers. 

In addition, if someone asks for help with something specific (like requesting information about how long until their order arrives), give them an answer quickly instead of ignoring them.


TikTok is an excellent platform for small businesses to be creative and reach their target audience.

As with any social media channel, it’s essential to have a strategic plan in place before diving in. 

The key is to be authentic, listen to your customers, and keep them engaged by offering something new every time they visit your page.

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